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JONATHAN SELIG is a photographer and media producer who began his professional career in photography with assignments from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE at the age of sixteen. Prior to this, he had photographed weddings, bar-mitzvahs, and family portraits to support his photo habit. Little has changed!

Nikon & Time-Life

Mr. Selig became the Senior Western States Instructor, Photographer, Lecturer and Technical Representative for Nikon. As an independent consultant he assisted in the design and photography for Time-Life Photo Workshops which he also presented. He has lectured to more than 60,000 people and produced numerous programs on a wide variety of subjects for other lecturers receiving wide acclaim. On to a career of independent photography specializing in multi-media and working on numerous corporate accounts, magazine publications and work for non-profits.

Chronicler of Lives
Fine Art Creater

A specialist in photographing on location both nationally and internationally, his unique talent to simplify complex messages into clean, sophisticated images with clarity and emotion makes his images valued by corporate and advertising clients. His personal warm easy approach with people from CEOs to children captures the revealing moments where people are their most human.

1984 Olympics

In 1984 he was chosen Lead Documentary Photographer for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee while managing a team of photographers chosen as the exclusive commercial photographers for the Games.



Most recently, individual clients are seeking him out for special events, once-in-a-lifetime occasions, and collecting his fine art images. Clients who wish to have a portfolio of images that tell their story. Create a legacy of images today.

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