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I began my professional career in photography with assignments from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE at sixteen. Before this, I photographed weddings, bar mitzvahs, and family portraits to support my insatiable photo habit. 


Little has changed!

Chronicler of Lives
Fine Art Creater

A specialist in photographing on location both nationally and internationally from his base in Malibu California, his unique talent to simplify complex messages into clean, sophisticated images with clarity and emotion makes his images valued by corporate, advertising, and private clients. His warm easy approach captures the revealing moments where people are most human.

1984 Olympics

In 1984, he was selected as the Lead Documentary Photographer for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, concurrently managing a team of photographers chosen as the exclusive commercial photographers for the Games.

Jonathan Selig boasts over five decades of experience in the photography industry, offering a diverse array of services including fine artwork, Pro Bono projects, assignments, and personalized photography. With a background rooted in corporate, advertising, and travel photography, Jonathan now channels his expertise toward preserving significant moments. His lens captures the essence of events, the allure of vacations, and the intimacy of family gatherings with unparalleled finesse.

Clients commend Jonathan for his skill in capturing candid moments that reveal the true essence of their experiences. His approach effortlessly spans across all ages and backgrounds, from CEOs to children, capturing authentic human moments that deeply resonate. Jonathan understands the delicate balance between directing subjects and patiently waiting for the perfect, decisive moment to unfold. Whether documenting a singular period or multiple facets of life, his photography encapsulates the essence of families, executives, loved ones, and clients alike. Entrust Jonathan Selig to immortalize your cherished memories with timeless elegance and authenticity.

Nikon & Time-Life

Mr. Selig's illustrious career saw him rise to the esteemed role of Nikon's Senior Western States Instructor, Photographer, Lecturer, and Technical Representative. Additionally, as an independent consultant for Time-Life, he played a pivotal role in designing and photographing for Time-Life Photo Workshops, where he also served as a presenter. Renowned for his expertise, Mr. Selig has delivered lectures to over 60,000 individuals and developed numerous programs for lecturers across diverse fields, earning widespread acclaim.

With a rich background in independent photography, Mr. Selig has worked nationally and internationally, collaborating on corporate accounts, magazine publications, media production, advertising endeavors, and projects for non-profit organizations.

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