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Creating photographs published in magazines, advertisements, books, corporate communications and in museum collections since 1972. 


I help people achieve their goals; preserve important moments, improve their communications, increase sales, see the world differently and/or I create something of beauty that will last beyond their lifetime!


Years of getting inside places and people's lives in North America, Europe, Asia.


Represented around the world by Getty Communications.


Discrete (NDA's available), Professional, Invisible when it's appropriate while taking charge when required by the project. Easy to work with, a good representative for my clients.


* For discerning individuals and corporate buyers

* Magazine style coverage of people, events, places 

* Projects for non-profits given special consideration







Close up image of a doctor showing his left  eye  looking through his gold rimmed glasses at multiple MRI images that are reflected in the glasses in cold blue light. Only his eye is seen with correct color.

Photography has given me a passport to enter the lives and businesses of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. I love being able to show a subject I've never met before the respect I have for them and the exchange which follows is magical.


I've shot for numerous magazines including Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian, and a multitude of international corporate clients.

My photos are published around the world and a few are in museums. 


I live for a great image. One which exceeds the expectations of my clients and myself.

I know other great shooters and I love that we see the world differently. My camera is just an excuse to get up close and personal with the people and the world around me.


Give me a call, you'll be happy just like the many clients and subjects before you.


What's different about me? Experience. Joy. An ability to create images that get even better with age.


Drama is for my photos, never for the client or subject…

All problems can be solved!

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